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About Pasteall

This website is a paster for (currently) two kinds of data, first the so-called pastebin where programmers (or anyone else) can put their code to show/share with others. It's mostly used by people in chatrooms who don't want to flood the channel with code, because that's considered to be impolite. Of course there are many other uses but that's the most common one. Second it's a place to upload those .blend files you want to quickly share with someone over the internet.


Be careful with what you paste!

Assume that everything you paste becomes public domain! Anyone can see/copy/use it, and assume that it stays that way forever! So be sure that you don't paste your usernames/passwords/credit card information!

How long my pastes are being kept online?

When you paste, just assume that it will be here forever, but consider that it may be gone in a second! We might delete really old posts in the future or something out of our reach could happen resulting in loss of data.

About the pastebin

The bastebin functionality of this site is powered by dpaste, an open source pastebin application. You can find the source code, contribute to it or leave feedback on Github.